Monday, March 14, 2016

Your PDF Application Android Mandatory Install

Have an Android device will certainly be fun. Because Android devices can not only be used for communication purposes, but also for other entertainment purposes such as playing games, browsing the internet, as well as other purposes. One of the applications that you must install on your Android device is a PDF application. PDF application is very useful for some purposes such as opening ebook on the internet or even on your smartphone.
Most ebook on the internet is in PDF format that makes smartphone users should also have a PDF application. Of the many PDF applications are some of the popular applications and cool with its various functions. Now the discussion this time will discuss about some of the PDF application for your Android mandatory install. Go see the discussion below!
Here are some PDF application for your Android Mandatory Install
PDF Reader
PDF Reader is a PDF application for your Android mandatory install. This application is supported by a variety of features that enable users to support. PDF Reader has features including text supporting bookmarks, file navigation, night mode, and much more. PDF Reader included into one PDF application whose existence is quite popular. This application is a breakthrough from Ivan Ivanenko who dpaat open various types of PDF which can also open the DJVU file. PDF Reader application can be used on most operating systems do not version 2.1.
Kingsoft Office + PDF
Android PDF application that must be installed next is Kingsoft Office + PDF. This application is equally good as the above application. By using this application, you can read a novel or more using the PDF format. The advantages of this application is you can download for free through Google Play Store is the official store of Android.
SmartQ Reader
Applications are other options that you can use as SmartQ Reader. Not less good with both of the above application, the application also has many advantages in open files using the PDF format. SmartQ Reader has a wide range of cool features in it such as able to add notes to the text. In addition, users can also fill out forms that exist in PDF format. To use the application SmartQ Reader users need at least Android operating system version 2.2 or above. SmartQ Reader is only 6.2 MB in size only to light to be used.
Next was MuPDF which can also be downloaded via the Play Store. MuPDF has many supporting features that you can use also opening a file in PDF format. You can use this app also in charge of data by using the same format. Adapyn advantage of MuPDF is like opening applications quickly and has a simple display. MuPDF you can download for free.
AnDoc-PDF and DJVU Reader
The last in this discussion is AnDoc-PDF and DJVU Reader. This application can also be used to open the file using a PDF format. For this application also lightweight and has many features that simplify use. For this application AnDoc-PDF and DJVU Reader you can download with the size of 3.4 MB and requires a minimum of Android operating system version 4.0.
Now that was some of the PDF application for your Android mandatory install. These applications have varying advantages.


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