Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sports App for Android Phones Top

Android is an operating system that is very popular today. Google's operating system is widely promoted by many world-renowned vendors such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, and other vendors. Well this Android device is famous for a variety of applications that can be downloaded for free or for purchase. These applications can be divided into various categories with their respective functions.
One of Android apps that you can try to use is a health application for Android is very popular. With this sports application makes users become easier in activities such as sports. Well to find out what are the actual sports applications for Android phones? Go see the discussion below!
Here Sports App for Android Phones
Google Fit
Sports applications for the first Android phone is Google Fit. This application can be downloaded directly from the Play Store. Application of Google Fit itself is an application made by Google directly which can help you live healthier. This application has many features in it which can determine the distance and note the graph, so you can see your progress. For Google Fit app has been downloaded more than 10 million Android users.
Sports apps for Android phones next Endomondo. Not less good with the above applications, the application also has many features in it. Endomondo app you can download directly through the Play Store. Endomondo app is powered by built-in GPS on your smartphone, so it can record your sporting activities such as a leisurely stroll, running, cycling, and more. Endomondo app to date has installed more than 10 million Android users. How keen to give it a try? Please download and try the app directly.
Get Running
Sports applications for mobile phones next one is the Get Running developed by Splendid Things. This application also has many features complete enough to facilitate users. Not only that, users can also share to social media as well as get tips and tricks for a healthier life. To try out the Get Running please directly download in the Play Store. To Get Running only issue size of 11 MB only and requires Android version 2.2 or higher.
The next application is also able to Strava that you tried to use. Through this app is perfect for you who like a hobby bersepedea. This is one of the main sports stau sports that much-loved sports lovers in Indonesia. Not least with the above applications, the application also has many features in it. Such features such as GPS that will be embedded on your smartphone. In addition you can also collect data on the heart rate sensor are supported by software Zephyr HxM.
MapMyRUN GPS Running
Applications for other Android sports is MapMyRUN GPS Running. Equally with the applications above, for this application you can use to view the records distance, calories, nutrients, and also the heart. Well not only that you know that this application also never won Best App runnng 2012 Reader's Choice, allowing you to connect with friends who also use this one application.
Now that was some sports application for Android phones that you can try to use. Well to use please download in advance via the Play Store.


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