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Well, so I have been away for a while, spending almost 3 months in Japan and I must say that coming back to Italy, well, home, after such a long time in such a different place (it's a bit too long to tell and you can check out my japanese posts, in italian, here) is kind of tricky :) But, it seems as if I'm getting back to my normal life quickly now, though the first days have ben kind of overwhelming :) Anyhow, changing countries and continents ment, of course, changing ingredients and thus cooking, and this is the first pasta dish I cooked when I got home (even if I somehow also regretted rice, miso and dashi...:) Actually, one of the nicest things about Rome in this time of year is that fresh and green spring veggies (fava beans, asparagus, little artichokes, peas etc) are just about everywhere. So, of course, I just couldn't resist, walking through the market I bought myself a big bunch of fresh fava beans, and I made this quick and easy lunch out of it :)

Creamy bavette with fava beans and feta cheese

Unpod 500g fava beans, boil them for a couple of minutes in plenty of water, them drain,rince under cold water and peell of the little skins of each bean. Wizz the beans with a generous dash of extravergin olive oil, about 40g greek feta cheese, and a couple of fresh wild garlic leaves (if you can't find them just use a little piece of fresh garlic, or even japanese negi :). On the side, get you pasta cooked (I used whole wheat bavette, they're very similar to linguine but you can of course use the pasta you prefer), mix one our two spoons cooking water through the fava cream, drain the pasta, and then justtoss it in a bowl with the fava and feta cream. Finish up with a little cracked black pepper and serve right away. Serves 2.

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  1. Good to see your blogger profile: I found the blog in English! I didn't know that you had one :-).


  2. À l"heure du diner je passerais à travers l'"écran, quelle appétissante image
    Agréable soirée