Spaghetti con le vongole

This is an easy one too, and it's probably the dish you'll want to eat when sitting down in any trattoria or ristorante in front of the sea (at least for me it definitely is :-). All you need is 1kg of clams, and some good quality spaghetti. At first wash the clams and leave them to rest for an hour or so in salted water. Heat a large skillet, add a glass of white wine, a couple of tablespoons olive oil, a spash of water, a small chilli pepper, chopped, and one or two cloves garlic. When it begins to boil, add the clams, and let them cook, tossing gently from once in a while, for a couple of minutes or untill opened. In the mean while, cook the pasta very al dente, and add it into the skillet with the cooked clams. Add some olive oil and a handfull of flat parsley, chopped, and let cook for another minute untill the pasta will be just cooked. Discard the garlic cloves ands serve immediately.

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